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Seminar on Inequality in Canada Since 1850

Dr. Jordan Stanger-Ross

Degrees: Ph.D. Pennsylvania

Email: | Office: Clearihue B232 | Phone: 721.7283

Research Areas

My research and teaching examine the history of immigration, race, and ethnicity in Canada and the United States. I am especially interested in the ideas and practices that have contributed to group cohesion (or the lack thereof) in twentieth century cities. My previous research explored the responses of ethnic groups to urban change and the approaches of municipal governments to ethnic and racial diversity. I am presently beginning a project that will examine race and ethnicity in Canada's major urban settings in the period after the Second World War.

Courses Taught

Hist 358D Race and Ethnicity in Canada to 1900
Hist 358G Race and Ethnicity in Canada since 1900
Hist 359 North American Social History: Theory and Methods (Seminar)
Hist 359 Inequality in Canada, 1850 to the Present (Seminar)

Selected Publications

Staying Italian: urban Change and Ethnic Life in Postwar Toronto and Philadelphia (University of Chicago Press, Fall 2009).

"Municipal Colonialism in Vancouver: City Planning and the Conflict over Indian Reserves, 1928-1950s," Canadian Historical Review 89, 4 (December 2008), 541-580.

"Citystats: Segregation and Community in Postwar Canada," Journal of the Canadian Historical Association (Winter 2008).

"Italian Markets: Real Estate and Ethnic Community in Postwar Toronto and Philadelphia", Journal of American Ethnic History 26, 3 (Spring 2007), 23-51.

"An Inviting Parish: Community without Locality in Postwar Italian Toronto," Canadian Historical Review 87, 3 (September, 2006), 381-407

"Neither Fight nor Flight: Urban Synagogues in Postwar Philadelphia," Journal of Urban History, 32, 6 (September 2006), 791-812

With Christina Collins, and Mark J. Stern, "Falling far from the Tree: Transitions to Adulthood and the Social History of Twentieth-Century America," Social Science History 29, 4 (2005), 625-648

"Uncommon Union: Diversity and Motivation among Civil War Soldiers,"American Nineteenth Century History 3, 1 (Spring 2002), 17-44

Web Projects

Citystats A project to provide historical statistics on ethnic residential patterns in Canadian Cites.